Save money! Tips on winterizing your home – Part 1

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Well it finally rained and the temperatures have fallen below 80, at least for the time being. It was a reminder that it’s nearly September and that winter is right around the corner. We’re all looking to save a dollar and save on our energy usage so over the next 2 posts, we’re gonna share 10 things we can all do to prepare for winter. Here’s the first five:

insulation1. Check your insulation
Maybe the insulation in the walls is something for another day but you can control the insulation in your attic. Heat rises so add to your R-value up there and keep some of that heat in the house.

2. Feel for drafts
Areas around windows and doors are the obvious ones and are easy to address. A little caulking, some new weather stripping or even those sheets of plastic that come in kits to put around windows will help. But don’t forget about electrical outlets and areas where piping comes up through the floor for sink water or heating.

3. Get your furnace inspected
Having a heating professional clean and inspect your furnace will help keep it running its best. Changing filters annually can also be help.

4. Tuck in your hot water tank
Thermal blankets for hot water heaters have been proven in to help keep your water hot and save you money. Personally, a third of my electric bill can be attributed to hot water so I’ll be tucking my hot water tank in this year.

5. Check your water pipes
Take a look at where your water pipes are and address those that may be more likely to freeze during the winter. Also, locate your hot water pipes especially if you are heating the house with them. Wrap your pipes with thermal tubes to keep the water hot until it reaches its destination and help prevent pipes from bursting.

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