Wood Doctor

What is the Original Outdoor Wood Furnace?

A Wood Doctor Outdoor Furnace is as the name implies – a furnace that usually sits outside.  The hot water furnace, looking much like a small utility building, is a well insulated wood-fired, water-jacketed stove. The water in the jacket is simply heated and pumped underground through super insulated pipes to the building that needs to be heated. At this point the heat from the water is transferred to either a hot water system or a forced air system.  This process is not expensive and adapts easily to all heating systems. The remote furnace concept is very simple, effective, safe and cost-efficient. As a bonus, it also takes care of all your domestic hot water needs; the element in your hot water heater need never kick in. When keeping proper clearances, these Wood Doctor outdoor furnaces may also fit inside your shop or woodshed much like any wood stove.

Benefits of an Outdoor Furnace

Safety. Wood Doctor Outdoor Furnaces have been tested and approved for placement either inside a building or outdoors. Clearances from combustibles have been reduced to 6″ from sides or back and 48″ from front door. When a Wood Doctor is used indoors keep 12″ from roof and 6″ from flue. If going out through a roof, use an insulated chimney certified for wood, and follow their instructions and all local and federal codes. However, in most installations a Wood Doctor Outdoor Wood Furnace is usually situated in the yard, away from the house. The usual distance is 3 feet to 150 feet but the wood furnace can be twice this distance and still do the job. Outdoor furnaces remove the dangers of wood stove fires in the house. Any fire department that compares the safety of indoor furnaces versus outdoor wood furnaces will have to admit that outdoor furnaces are the winners; this safety feature is often reflected in lower insurance rates.

Convenience. When the Wood Doctor is located in the yard, it can be situated beside the wood pile or wood shed. This eliminates the mess of sawdust, smoke, ashes, bugs and dirt in the house. Our injection air furnace cleanly burns any type and quality of wood.  The original Wood Doctor has been heating homes with round logs for many years now.  Although the Wood Doctor will burn green wood, if you do season the wood you will burn less because when burning wet wood, it takes wood to dry wood. Shorter wood will decrease your consumption of wood by as much as 25% as wood set further back in the firebox gets the most BTU.  Depending on the size of furnace and the season, most people top up their furnace with wood in the morning and evening in the winter; and once a day in the spring and fall.  This can be extended to a 36 hour or 72 hour fill depending on size of unit and demands.  As one furnace can heat multiple buildings; there is no need to purchase a heat source for each.

Cost Savings. Homes and commercial buildings, shops, garages, motels, factories, restaurants can all be heated easily with our furnaces. There is no more need to use oil, gas or electricity to heat domestic water, hot tubs, swimming pools, clothes dryers – our furnaces will do it better and at a fraction of the cost.