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Spring cleaning for summer efficiency

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Spring is the time of year where we open the doors and windows to rid our homes and ourselves of that winter funk. With warmer days we now have an opportunity to address those areas we noticed through the winter and also to make adjustments in preparation for summer.

Make sure your fans are working and dust-free. Utilizing fans over air conditioners can save money and maintain higher quality air. Wash or replace filters with your central air and make sure you reverse the direction of cieling fans. In the winter the fan should be directing the warmer air at the ceiling towards the floor and during warmer weather direct the air flow from the floor to the ceiling. Doing this helps keep the room warm or cool depending on the time of year.

Many people swap out their drapes during the spring to thermal-backed drapes. What these are designed to do is to keep the sun and radiant heat from entering the home and ultimately keeping you cooler. Conversely, some manufacturers also make a winter shade/drape that holds more heat in the home during the overnight hours.

Attic Ventilators
These are becoming increasingly popular with energy-conscience homeowners. These fans work by pulling cooler air from the lower levels of the home throughout the house and through the attic. The cool moving, air can reduce the humidity and the interior temperature in your home significantly with considerably energy savings.

Windows & Doors
Now that it’s warm enough you can address those draft issues that you noticed with your windows and doors. Leaving open while making necessary upgrades will prove to be more cost effective and energy efficinet than correcting the issue in the winter. This also includes cleaning out the track of sliding doors and fixing any of the insulating cushion around the door jam.

The plus side of a pellet stove

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pelletstoveEasily one of the biggest selling points of heating your home with a wood pellet stove is the convenience. There’s no need to lug cordwood through the house and have to keep opening the door and possibly burning yourself while loading the stove. Instead, you just pour those pellets into the hopper and you are good to go. The stove automatically feeds the burn chamber to a rate that you set by adjusting the stoves thermostat.

Pellet stoves put off fewer emissions and more heat than that of a regular stove by controlling the burn process. It introduces the correct amount of air to the burn chamber allowing for more complete combustion.

Additionally, pellet stoves produce very little ash and typically do not have the creosote buildup that fireplaces and regular wood stoves have. Annual cleanings and/or inspections should still be performed however, the buildup on your liner will likely be less.

Pellets are sold in large plastic bags to help keep the moisture out. Most pellet stove owners in the Northeast buy pellets by the ton which is basically a pallet stacked with these bags. Most sellers will provide a delivery option but in many cases the pallet can be loaded into the back of pickup truck.